NSF Certified System

Our complete drinking water system product line is certified by NSF.

NSF certification ensures:

  • Specifications are accurate
  • Labelling and literature are representative of the product and not misleading
  • System is structurally sound
  • No harmful substances are added to the water
  • The manufacturer is subject to random inspections


When you have problems of dirt, rust, chlorine, taste, and odour in your home drinking water, get the long-life FM2 filter systems that take the worry out of water.

FM2 systems are tested and certified by NSF International for the reduction of Cysts, Lead, Dirt/Rust, Taste, Odor, and Chlorine.

The systems have patented Sanitary Quick Change cartridges for easy change out with no tools, spills or contamination. You just twist them in or out.

High performance carbon absorption media allows a rapid 0.6 gallon (2.3 liters) per minute delivery at your sink while providing high lead, dirt, and chlorine removal capacity.