“Purficare” is a registered trademark of Elma Technologies Inc., and is a brand of premium  water filter system utilizing advanced filtration technology. All “Purificare” products are manufactured by and imported direct from US 3M Purification Inc. (Address: 400 Research Pkwy. Meriden, CT 06450-7172, USA). The said products are patented and sold in North America for more than 10 years, distribution networks have been extended to Europe and greater China (including China, Hong Kong and Macau) five year ago. Our authorized distributors overseas are as follows: 

China, Hong Kong and Macau: Ming Tai Enterprise Limited

All Purificare® products are manufactured by US 3M Purification Inc. and imported from 3M Canada Inc. We have no business relations with 3M Hong Kong Limited and did not appoint any distributor, other than that listed above to sell our products. We possess the certificates of origin of 3M Purification Inc.  Recently there were inaccurate and misleading declarations; we reserve all legal rights of claims for any loss arising from such declarations.